Ken and Marrianne LeggKen and his wife Marianne, are pastors of New Beginnings Christian Church, on the Gold Coast of Australia. They have been involved in Christian ministries for 39 years, having pastored churches in the U.K, New Zealand and Australia since 1973.

“I graduated from Bible College in 1973 and have been involved in pastoral ministry ever since. My ministry in the beginning was very legalistic – preaching condemnation and ministering death to my congregation. Quite frankly I was a danger to the body of Christ!

Like many I mistook the call of God for His sending me into ministry. When I knew I was called I just wanted to do Bible College so that I could get into pastoring. I have since learned there is a huge difference between God calling us and His sending us out to minister. When God calls us it is so that we might come to Him and sit at His feet to be taught. Until we clearly grasp the true nature of the message of the gospel we are not ready to be sent; otherwise we will be blind leaders of the blind.

As the saying goes, some were sent, the rest just went! I was one of those who just went, untaught by God. I was a product of the religious culture I belonged to; unable to differentiate between what is Bible and what is man-made religion. I just served up the same-old, same-old. I parroted a lot of things that others were saying and teaching, thinking this was ministry. Needless to say it had little impact.

Then, beginning with the epistle to the Romans, God began to teach me the gospel of grace. My eyes were opened and my heart melted. I began to see wonder of the true gospel. It really is the power of God unto salvation! As I learned and taught this gospel my life was changed, and those I ministered to were also transformed by the power of God.”

Ken is well known for supplying Bible Studies to small groups and resource material to Christian Ministries world-wide. exists to equip and support Christian ministries and anyone needing to gain understanding in god’s grace through Jesus Christ.

Set Free Ministries, established in 1996 (not related to any church bearing the same name) is the arm for all Ken’s ministry outside the local church New Beginnings Christian Church.

Ken ministers the grace of God and has a unique way of sharing this message, which sets people free from legalism and striving and brings them into the liberty Jesus Christ intends for us.

Over the years many have told Ken that his teaching ministry should be made available to the wider body of Christ. Set Free Ministries was established with the goal of supplying Bible Studies and training programs for small groups, churches and individuals. But also, Ken speaks at local churches, seminars and conferences.

He travels to such countries as Fiji, Indonesia and Zambia in Africa spreading the message of grace.

He has authored many books and produced several training programs and CD’s. Over 800 churches throughout Australia, as well as hundreds of small groups and Christian ministries, have used his training programs.