Grace:The Power To Reign


A powerful revolution is sweeping across the Church worldwide as Christians are discovering how to put the amazing back into grace. Thousands are being set free from legalism and are exchanging the shackles of religion for what they were promised when they were first saved “ a love relationship with Jesus.
But this move of God has its critics. Some refer to it as the hyper-grace movement. Others are criticizing it with old clichs that have been around for years. They refer to it as cheap grace, greasy grace, and say that grace is just a license to sin. They obviously believe that grace is really disgrace.
It is true that every doctrine which has been relatively hidden for a long period of time runs the risk of the pendulum principle, i.e. being pushed too far in the opposite direction. When a truth is taken beyond its Scriptural boundaries it becomes error.
The teaching of grace is not exempt from this danger. For this reason we need to look to Jesus and the apostles for the foundations of our faith, and to understand clearly what they taught about grace. Alarmingly, many Christians seem to get their theology from their favourite speakers or internet blogs instead of studying the Word of God.
In Grace: The Power to Reign, Ken expounds grace in its Biblical setting. He shows that far from it being a license to sin or an excuse for laziness, grace is our power to reign in life “ both in the midst of our circumstances and over the power of sin.
After reading this book you won’t fall victim to the pendulum principle; but neither will you throw the baby out with the bathwater. You will see grace as God’s ability in the place of your inability. Grace “ your power to reign!

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