Level 2  Discipleship

This is the mentoring part of the program. You are NOT on your own here. Many of the questions you may have had about living by grace would have been answered in the content-rich Level 1 stage of Leggacy. But there will be some questions that you still have. Level 2 gives you 6-months access to Ken to discuss anything related to living by grace. This can be done via phone, email, text messaging, and even face-to-face meetings with Ken if you are on the Gold Coast or he is in your area.

This is FREE to all those who have ordered the Level 1 package. The Lord spoke to Ken about giving his time to hungry hearts. If you have gone through all the material at Level 1 then you are hungry!

You determine the starting point of this phase. It is recommended that you do so once you have absorbed the teaching in the Level 1 component of Leggacy. Note: due to time restraints this is limited only to those who have completed Level 1. You cannot opt in at Level 2.

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