Level 1  Teaching

This level is designed to give you a legalism-detox and then soak you in hours of new covenant teaching, so that your heart is established in grace. You will be on your own here; yet you are not alone – the Holy Spirit is with you. He is our teacher, given to reveal Jesus to us.

You can order the following materials item-by-item, or as a complete package with a significant saving:

This Is The Life!  paperback

This popular book lays the foundations of the gospel of grace.

Paperback $19
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What’s Eating You? – paperback

When we are born again we often bring baggage from the past into our Christian lives. How did it get there and what’s God’s way of dealing with it? This book will help you to deal with self-defeating thinking, traumatic experiences and toxic relationships based on your new creation identity and resources.

Paperback $17.95
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The DVD School of Ministry

My team and I stumbled upon the effectiveness of running The DVD School of Ministry during our ministry in Zambia. Each year, for 5 years, we conducted grace conferences for pastors and leaders in various towns and cities in Zambia. Whilst the conferences were impacting, the pastors and leaders had to return to their old legalistic, religious environment. There was no follow up. Then we set up a DVD School of Ministry teaching the primary epistles of the New Testament – Romans, Galatians, Ephesians and Hebrews. When we returned the following year the transformation in the leaders was indescribable.

We have since adopted The DVD School of Ministry as a major arm of our grace ministry outreach and it is an integral part of the Leggacy program. Several schools have now been set up in Zambia, with plans for more, even in other countries.

The DVD School of Ministry includes:

Righteousness Revealed:
An exposition of the first 8 chapters of Romans – where we find the most comprehensive teaching anywhere in the New Testament concerning the gospel of grace and the Christian life. No pastor should commence his ministry until he understands Romans

Apostolic Foundations:
An exposition of Galatians, where Paul had to defend the gospel of grace against legalists who tried to introduce another gospel

New Covenant, New Glory:
An exposition of the book of Hebrews, addressed to those who were in the process of making the transition from the old covenant into the new covenant, but were considering going back

A Glorious Church:
An exposition of the letter to the Ephesians where the riches of God’s grace are unfolded

Some grace teaching today lacks solid biblical foundation. Don’t fall into that trap. Take time to learn systematically what the New Testament epistles really teach. 40 DVD’s in total.

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New Covenant, New Glory  paperback

This book will help set you free from old covenant thinking which tries to get you to pay for that which has been freely given to you by grace.

Paperback $17.95
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The Grace Files

Three sets of CD’s comprising 20 in total as follows:

The Blessing of Abraham.
After creation, the first act of God towards man was to bless him. This has always been God’s heart towards us. The word bless means to empower to prosper in all areas spiritual, physical, social/relational, material, emotional “ wholeness in every part. The fall overturned the blessing, resulting in the curse, but when God called Abraham He promised to bless him and his seed. Paul tells us that we are blessed with believing Abraham and he speaks about the blessing of Abraham coming upon the Gentiles who are in Christ. That’s us! We are blessed, not on the basis of our behavior, but because we are righteous in Christ. The life of Abraham demonstrates this. Learn how to set your heart to receive the blessing of Abraham, which is your inheritance.

Salvation Is Forever
So often grace teachers are asked, “Do you believe ‘once saved, always saved?” I reply, “I prefer to say, ‘Once a son, always a son!’ You can’t be unborn. This series looks at the biblical foundation for this teaching and answers many of the arguments against it, e.g. Did Judas lose his salvation?, What about people we know who received Christ but have since renounced Him? What about the many conditional passages in the New Testament? Why did Jesus say to some Christians that He would spew them out of His mouth?, etc.

Grace Themes
A collection of popular and helpful messages on the life of grace. E.g. What is the number one key to interpreting the Bible?; Why were the teachings of Jesus so different to those of Paul; Does God bring judgment today to individuals and to nations?; How does a Christian recover from sin under the new covenant?; What is the tabernacle of David, and why did the Council of Jerusalem refer to this?; Does God have a sense of humour?; Why religion, not atheism, is the number one enemy of the gospel, etc.

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