Ken Legg at Beach
Ken Legg has written several books and they have been distributed throughout the world. There are many testimonials that reveal the life changing nature of his books.

Testimonials for “This is the Life!”

  • I’m finally learning how to stop striving and trying to force growth. Now my Christian life is joy and an exciting adventure. I love God more and more each day.
  • Powerful truths – Lea Baggaley
  • When you really hear this truth for the first time you know you will never be the same again and you wish you’d heard it 20 years ago – Linlee Grey
  • As a new Christian this has been a great foundation for my new life with Christ – Lisa Fletcher
  • It really brought home to me who we are in Christ – AW
  • This course has been a channel of much needed, timely and personal revelation of the grace of God in my life – Simon Hill
  • I didn’t realize the depth of God’s grace until going through this cours – Erhard With
  • This study has blessed me immensely. I have never seen the truths of life in Christ put together in a way that makes it so easily understandable – Mick Britten
  • For the first time in 20 years as a Christian I am starting to understand and experience God’s grace to me personally in Christ in my daily life. At last I am seeing the doorway to freedom from unwanted habits and wrong choice patterns – Scott Roberts.