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Tetelestai:It is finished


There is only one true gospel, but this gospel has been corrupted in many different ways. This is tragic because the gospel is the power of God which transform us. Some think that the Christian’s power is to be accessed through various means such as prayer, fasting, giving, sacrificing, etc. The apostles taught differently. Their message was that if we believe the true gospel, God’s power will work in our lives.

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Grace:The Power to Reign


A powerful revolution is sweeping across the Church worldwide as Christians are discovering how to put the ‘amazing’ back into grace. Thousands are being set free from legalism and are exchanging the shackles of religion for what they were promised when they were first saved – a love relationship with Jesus.
But this move of God has its critics. Some refer to it as ‘the hyper-grace movement’. Others are criticizing it with old clichés that have been around for years. They refer to it as ‘cheap grace’, ‘greasy grace’, and say that grace is just a license to sin. They obviously believe that grace is really disgrace.
It is true that every doctrine which has been relatively hidden for a long period of time runs the risk of the pendulum principle, i.e. being pushed too far in the opposite direction. When a truth is taken beyond its Scriptural boundaries it becomes error.
The teaching of grace is not exempt from this danger. For this reason we need to look to Jesus and the apostles for the foundations of our faith, and to understand clearly what they taught about grace. Alarmingly, many Christians seem to get their theology from their favourite speakers or internet blogs instead of studying the Word of God.
In Grace: The Power to Reign, Ken expounds grace in its Biblical setting. He shows that far from it being a license to sin or an excuse for laziness, grace is our power to reign in life – both in the midst of our circumstances and over the power of sin.
After reading this book you won’t fall victim to the pendulum principle; but neither will you throw the baby out with the bathwater. You will see grace as God’s ability in the place of your inability. Grace – your power to reign!

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Grace Roots

Grace Roots: 40 Days of Grace

Are you exhausted trying to live the Christian life, and wonder about that ‘easy yoke’ and ‘light burden’ Jesus spoke of? Grace Roots will take you on a 40 day journey, designed to give you a legalism-detox and soak you in the grace of God. You will learn:

What God is really like and how to destroy false, ‘religious’ images of Him
Who is defining you right now – your critic or Christ
Why you wouldn’t want to be anyone other than you!
How to rise above criticism
How to escape from legalism
What it means to experience present-tense grace
Some of the myths about grace, and how to refute them
How to enjoy the blessings of the righteous
Why it’s important to be an ‘internalist’
How to start thinking organically and not pragmatically
What faith is and what it is not
Why God uses ordinary people – just like you!
How to have an effective ministry
What is the goal of all true ministry
How secure you are in Christ – both for time and eternity
And much more…

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New Covenant, New Glory

New Covenant, New Glory will help you to understand what the Bible teaches about covenants.

A covenant is an arrangement placed between two parties for the purpose of establishing a relationship between them.
So, what has God placed between Himself and us as the basis of our relationship with Him? On what grounds are we to be accepted and blessed by God? Many Christians are still trying to relate to God on the basis of a covenant that no longer exists! Consequently they struggle in their daily lives and labour under condemnation.

Under the new covenant, believers are heirs to untold spiritual riches. Yet, being ignorant of our God-given inheritance will mean that, though rich, we will live in spiritual poverty.

New Covenant, New Glory will help set you free from old covenant thinking which tries to get you to pay for that which has been freely given to you by grace.

The glory of the old covenant was a fading glory. In contrast, the glory of the new covenant gets brighter and brighter. Wherever you might be in your Christian walk, there is still more glory for you to discover and enjoy!

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What’s Eating You?

More and more people suffer poor health and live tormented lives because of unresolved inner-stress and social conflicts. That’s why this book is called, What’s Eating You?

So, what’s happening inside of you right now? Whatever is taking place in your life is a result of that which is in your heart. This book will help you to:

* Know your own heart
* Recognize the negative emotions which reside there
* Understand how they got there, and God’s way of dealing with them
* Bring an end to unresolved inner-pain, such as anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, anxiety, depression, etc., enabling you to move on in your life
* Bring closure to the grief resulting from the way that others have treated you in the past, e.g. through abuse, rejection, etc.
* Know how to handle present toxic relationships
* And more…

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This Is The Life

This is Ken’s most popular book. It has a specific goal – to establish your heart in grace. Grace is what makes Christianity unique. If we fail to make the grace connection we end up turning Christianity into just another religion, i.e. another works trip. Grace brings us into the realm of divine ability.

There are ten chapters in This Is The Life

#1 “Deficient or Sufficient?” We may not know all that life will throw at us but we do know that we have been made sufficient for all things.
#2 “Condition or Position?” It is not what we do that determines who we are, but who we are that determines what we will do. The more a believer understands his new creation identity the more his behaviour will line up with it.
#3 “Change or Exchange?” Religion says, “You must change, in order to be accepted.” This leads to guilt, condemnation and defeat. God says, “The way to acceptance is to exchange your sin for Christ’s righteousness.” Believing we are righteous is essential if we are to be empowered by grace. Grace reigns through righteousness!
#4 “Follow or Abide?” Those who follow Jesus have only His example, but those who abide in Him have His life. Which are you living by?
#5 “Law or Grace?” Law is what we try to do for God. Grace is what He has done for us in Christ. Are God’s blessings to us based upon law or grace? How much of the Christian life is an attempt to do deals with God?
#6 “Positive Thinking or Correct Thinking?” How do we win the battle for the mind? Is it by a positive outlook or by believing the truth? Is it positive thinking that sets us free, or the truth?
#7 “Self-esteem or Self-denial?” God’s way to self-worth is not self-esteem but Christ-esteem.
#8 “Flesh or Spirit?” Every Christian is capable of manifesting two different lives – the works of the flesh or the fruit of the Spirit. How do we walk in the Spirit?
#9 “Same or Different?” Is every Christian identical, or are we each different? In this chapter we explore the uniqueness of our new creation identity and how we each have a special, distinct place in the body of Christ.
#10“Produce or Reproduce?” Is the ultimate aim of discipleship to grow or to multiply? The purpose of this chapter is to teach believers how to make disciples.

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 Studies In Romans

It was while Martin Luther was doing some studies in Romans that he became enlightened concerning the true nature of salvation. This revelation led to the Great Reformation and was to impact the Church forever. The epistle to the Romans has been used more than any other book in the Bible to give both a clear and comprehensive understanding of the doctrine of salvation. Martin Luther said, “This book is the chief book of the New Testament. It is the purest gospel. The more one spends in it, the more precious it becomes.”

Romans has profoundly impacted many others. For example:
* John Wesley’s view of salvation was distorted until he listened to someone reading the preface to Luther’s commentary on Romans. He said, “I felt my heart strangely warmed. I felt I did trust in Christ and Christ alone.”
* Augustine, also, was converted by reading a few verses from this great epistle.
* John Bunyan received much of his inspiration for Pilgrims Progress while reading the book of Romans in jail in Bedford, England.
* John Calvin said of this book, “Every Christian should feed upon it as the daily bread of his soul.”

Countless numbers of Christians can testify to the fact that their entire Christian experience has been transformed through this epistle. Sadly, Christianity today is becoming more and more bound in legalism and behaviour modification. It’s almost as if we need another Reformation! Now you can have your own printable bible studies in this life-transforming epistle on e-book Studies In Romans and share these wonderful truths with others.

There are 10 user-friendly printable bible studies in this e-Book, based on Romans chapters 1-8. Easy to print and use!

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The Christian Counsellors Companion

The ideal counselling resource for pastors, pastoral care workers, chaplains, small group leaders, youth group leaders, visitation team members, etc. Also a great self-counselling tool!

The Christian Counsellor’s Companion is a user-friendly ready reckoner for Christian counselling. With this easy-to-navigate tool at your side you will be prepared for each counselling situation.

The Christian Counsellor’s Companion:

  • Provides vital Bible-based information on a wide range of counselling issues
  • Provides vital Bible-based counsel on a wide range of life-related issues
  • Gives you a specific PATHWAY for each case
  • Lists the main points to cover for various counselling topics
  • Gives you a specific PATHWAY for each case
  • Builds confidence in your ministry – even at short notice you have easy access to a structured approach for that ‘emergency’ situation
  • Makes counselling easier
  • Is also a great self-counselling tool!

The Christian Counsellor’s Companion is Bible-based and Christ-centred. It is designed to assist Christians counsel their fellow-Christians. It is the ideal resource for all whose ministry, at times, involves some form of Christian counselling. Even Christians who do not officially hold pastoral positions, but are sought out by others for counsel and advice, will benefit greatly from this resource.

A host of counselling settings are grouped under five major categories:

  • Christian Living: e.g. faith, relationship with God, guidance, forgiveness, recovery from sin, ministry, etc.
  • Negative Emotions: i.e. mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, fear, guilt, grief, anger, etc.
  • Handling Toxic Relationships: e.g. physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, neglect, co-dependency, etc.
  • Addictions: including chemical dependency (drugs, alcohol and nicotine), eating disorders, gambling, sexual addictions such as pornography, etc.
  • Marriage & The Family: e.g. foundations for marriage, communication, in-laws, children, conflict resolution, etc. There is also a session on counselling singles in this section

In addition to these, and other, specific areas of counselling the Christian Counsellor’s Companion provides a substantial introduction to the counselling ministry, entitled Counselling Basics. This section explains some of the fundamentals of counselling, under three main categories:

  • Who Can Counsel? This helps you answer the questions: “What are the real qualifications and skills needed for effective Christian counselling?”, “How do I know when either I am out of my depth, or it is inappropriate for me to be counselling in a particular situation?” (Referrals)
  • The Counselling Process. A basic template for every counselling situation you will be in
  • Spiritual Foundations. Learn what distinguishes Christian counselling from secular counselling and why it is crucial to keep them apart. Also, avoid the trap of change via behaviour modification (legalism) by learning the basics of grace-based counselling

The Christian Counsellor’s Companion will help you to be prepared, empowered and confident in your ministry of pastoral care.
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