ROMANS – The Foundations – 12 part series

It was while Martin Luther was doing some studies in Romans that he became enlightened concerning the true nature of salvation. This revelation led, eventually, to the Great Reformation and was to impact the Church forever.

The epistle to the Romans has been used more than any other book in the bible to give both a clear and comprehensive understanding of the doctrine of salvation. Martin Luther said, “This book is the chief book of the New Testament. It is the purest gospel. The more one spends in it, the more precious it becomes”.

Romans has profoundly impacted many others. For example:
* John Wesley’s view of salvation was distorted until he listened to someone reading the preface to Luther’s commentary on Romans. He said, “I felt my heart strangely warmed. I felt I did trust in Christ and Christ alone.”
* Augustine, also, was converted by reading a few verses from this great epistle.
* John Bunyan, too, received much of his inspiration for Pilgrims Progress while reading the book of Romans in jail in Bedford, England.
* John Calvin said of this book, “Every Christian should feed upon it as the daily bread of his soul.”

Countless numbers of Christians can testify to the fact that their entire Christian experience has been transformed through this epistle. Ken Legg’s life and ministry were turned around after studying the epistle to the Romans. He is passionate about this book and now you can watch his 12-part teaching series in the first eight chapters of Romans online.

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