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In 2006 Ken Legg was invited to Zambia to conduct Grace Conferences for pastors and church leaders. He has since returned (almost) annually to Zambia to encourage and edify the growing grace churches.

Before attending these conferences, many of the participants believed that they were cursed, that they must give monetary offerings to please God and that God’s blessings are conditional upon something they must do. This is religious bondage and legalism.  In contrast, the message of grace sets them free! Burdens are lifted as they learn righteousness consciousness instead of sin consciousness; God consciousness rather than demon consciousness.

Ken explains. “Religion is basically what man is trying to do for God, but in the gospel of grace we discover what God has done for man through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  So … the Christian life is about discovering the riches of God’s grace available to us through His Son. Many Christians don’t understand that so they live in spiritual poverty. Yet when we discover the riches of God’s grace, our lives are brought into victory and power and a wonderful sense of relationship with God”.

One pastor who attended a conference in Ndola wrote; “Our Church people are growing in the grace of God. When they give now, they give out of love and not because they are afraid of being cursed. I have seen that the Gospel is the gospel of grace”.

The conferences cast the net wide and thus introduced tens of thousands of pastors and church leaders to the gospel of grace in major cities and towns in Zambia and other African nations.  However, after a few years, the Holy Spirit showed us that these people were hungry for more teaching on God’s grace and needed to be fed and discipled with more expository, consistent bible teaching.

Ken already had a huge depository of DVD teaching resources thanks to the recording of his many years of inspired teachings to the New Beginnings congregation.  It was decided to make this available via discipleship schools in Zambia. The first School of Ministry (SOM) was birthed in 2012 in Lusaka with the goal of making disciples who will make disciples  ~  2 Tim 2:2

In a typical SOM class, 10-30 pastors/leaders watch a DVD teaching session, followed by Q & A and class discussion so that leaders are actively engaged.

Schools of Ministry have been established (now more than 400) in Zambia, Tanzania, DRC and Uganda.  A real testament to making disciples of Jesus Christ!

Since 2012, students have been graduating from the Online Grace Bible School, which in Africa is known as the School of Ministry. The photos below show students graduating with Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 certificates.  At the beginning of 2018 there were 113 Schools of Ministry in Zambia, 8 in Tanzania and 4 in Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2021 there are more than 400 SOMs in Africa . Conservatively there are well over 3000 pastors and church leaders studying at our schools of ministry.

In 2011 a kit church was sent in a container from Australia to Zambia and this was built in Lusaka as a New Beginnings Christian Church and grace teaching centre. The shipment of materials itself is an inspiring story and we are in awe of how God’s hand was, and continues to be, upon the entire establishment of His church in Lusaka.

The Lord's Hand is Upon Everything

If you wish to support our missions in Africa, we would be thrilled to welcome your donation. All donations are wholly used for establishing and maintaining the Schools of Ministry by purchasing equipment such as TVs, USB sticks, power sources, text books etc.  To the same end, we are grateful for any laptops that are still in good working condition.

The cost to establish one school with a TV, USB stick, books etc is $350 (or $600 if a solar panel is included). Electricity is extremely intermittent in Africa. Any amount is gratefully received.


Kamiyunga School of Ministry (SOM) led by Peter Mtonga in Lundazi, has influenced many churches in Lundazi. The SOM is available on the local community radio station “Grace” program. We the CLT, have been invited on the same radio station. We have two people seeking to open new classes, one of them in the police compound.
Joseph Mulyata
Director, Set Free Ministries, Lusaka
We appreciate your help greatly. Because of the help you rendered to us through your support and the ministry of Ken, we now have two brand new schools opened and running with more than 30 Pastors/Church Leaders. We will be sending progress reports and photos for the two schools, and any other schools that may be opened with your help in the near future. We express our gratitude to you and the Church there.
Henry Mweemba
Director, Amazing Grace Ministries Ltd, Kitwe
It is amazing, the same pastors who taught legalism are now spreading the grace of God in the churches. Legalism is losing its grip amongst the believers here. The teaching on righteousness was eye opener to the pastors in the Firm Foundation sessions. They are sending their gratitude to you and Paynesville Christian Church for supporting the opening of the school in their area.
Ps. Alfred Manda
Ganertone School of Ministry, Northern Kitwe
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