Counselling God’s Way (DVDs)


There are 20 DVDs plus a workbook in this package.

First, we lay rock-solid foundations for biblical counselling.

Then we move on to look at several specific and common counselling situations.


Product Description

The Counselling God’s Way program by Ken Legg is a high-in-value, rich-in-content package including 20 DVD’s/ CD’s (average duration = 45 minutes) plus a workbook in hard copy and on Master CD so you can run off copies for your team members, plus text-book The Counsel of the Godly.

About the program:

First, we lay rock-solid foundations for biblical counselling, addressing such issues as:

What are the biblical qualifications for this ministry?

What are the identification truths and how do we apply them?

Why many Christians have a theology of deficiency without realizing it – and how to change this.

How to help counselees make the transition from independence and/or co-dependency to Christ-dependency.

Why counsellors differ so much in their approach to counselling.

Why so many Christian counsellors are practicing eclecticism (mixing various, and often conflicting, brands of psychology) without realizing it and why this is harmful to counselees.

The danger of psycho-labels.

Why Christian counselling and biblical counselling are not necessarily the same thing.

How Satan can control a person’s life with just one lie, and how to set that person free by skilfully applying the truth to their situation.

The vital role of renewing the mind.

The basic counselling process for each situation.

When do you refer a person to another counsellor?

Question-asking techniques.

How to listen correctly so as to “hear” the counselee.

What is a Personal Data Inventory and why is it a valuable counselling tool? (Sample supplied with permission to photocopy).

Then, we move on to look at several common counselling situations, such as:

How to help those struggling with negative emotions like depression, anxiety, fear, anger, etc.

How to help a person change the way they feel by changing the way they think.

The downward spiral of depression. Some estimate that 10% of all cases of depression are endogenous (sourced from within the body). If this is so, then how do we counsel the other 90% of cases of depression, i.e. non-biological?

What are the dynamics of addictive problems, such as drug and chemical dependence, alcohol, pornography and gambling – and how can people break free of life-dominating problems?

How do we minister to victims of sexual abuse?

What about sexual abuse offenders?

Rejecting rejection.

What is the difference between fear and phobia, and how do we counsel persons in each category?

Many people  want to know God’s will for their lives. How can we help them discover this for themselves?

How can a counselee detect and break free of a toxic relationship?

What is the key word that distinguishes the difference between righteous anger and sinful anger?

What is the biblical way of handling anger?

How to win over worry.

From ‘stressed’ to ‘blessed’. The biblical way of dealing with stress.

In addition to this package, Set Free Ministries has published The Counsel of the Godly.

This book is in two sections. The first section covers the foundations of biblical counselling, as taught in the seminar.

Then, in the second section we cover various specific areas of counselling, such as:

The downward spiral of depression.

How can counselees break free of co-dependency?

What is the difference between fear and phobia, and how do we counsel persons in either category?

Many counselees want to know God’s will for their lives. How can we help them discover God’s will?

What is the difference between neurosis and psychosis, and how do we help those with bizarre behaviour problems?

How can counselees detect harmful relationships and break free of them?

Is it really possible to break free of addictive behaviour? Discover how life-dominating patterns can be broken and replaced with godly behaviour within six weeks.

The Counsel of the Godly is all about using your most powerful asset, the Word of God, in your counselling ministry.

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