Bible Study – Phase by Phase – PHASE 3


You may purchase the separate phases of the Bible School as a single USB.

The most economical way is to buy the complete course, but for some, separate phases may be the way to go.


USB – Phase 3. Includes:

  • Counselling God’s Way– 20 sessions
  • Advancing The Kingdom (the kingdom parables of Matthew 13) – 6 sessions
  • Ephesians(A Glorious Church) – 12 sessions
  • Grace-based Discipleship–2 sessions
  • Workbook with full notes
  • PLUS, the 7 bonus books!


USB – Phase 1.  Includes:

  • Firm Foundations– 12 sessions
  • Romans(Righteousness Revealed)– 12 sessions
  • Galatians(Apostolic Foundations) – 8 sessions
  • Hebrews(New Covenant New Glory) – 8 sessions
  • Workbook with full notes
  • PLUS, the 7 bonus books!

USB – Phase 2. Includes:

  • The Book of Acts(Turning the World Upside Down)– 20 sessions
  • The Identity-driven Life(Recovery Program)– 10 sessions
  • Salvation is Forever– 6 sessions
  • The Blessings of Abraham.– 4 sessions
  • Workbook with full notes
  • PLUS, the 7 bonus books!

USB – Phase 4. Includes:

  • New Covenant Prayer– 4 sessions
  • The Faith of our Fathers(Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph) – 4 sessions
  • Your Helper The Holy Spirit– 8 sessions
  • The Book of Revelation and Israel in the End Times–4 sessions
  • Seven Signs Revealing His Glory (John’s Gospel) – 8 sessions
  • Living a Life of Significance (Sermon on the Mount) – 12 sessions
  • Workbook with full notes
  • PLUS, the 7 bonus books!

USB – Phase 5. Includes:

  • Eternity is in Our Hearts– 9 sessions
  • A Person after God’s own Heart(The Life of David) – 12 sessions
  • The Kingdom of God, Then (Matthew 24&25)– 8 sessions
  • The Sovereignty of God–2 sessions
  • The Promise of the Spirit– 2 sessions
  • Miscellaneous Topics(Sermon on the Mount) – 7 sessions
  • Workbook with full notes
  • PLUS, the 7 bonus books!



Product Description

Establishing Your Heart in the Grace of God

Discipleship through systematic Bible teaching with Ken Legg

  • Are you often perplexed by passages in the Bible you find difficult to understand?
  • Do you feel there are large gaps in your understanding of the Bible and the Christian life?
  • Do you have a hunger for more of God’s Word?
  • Have you ever wanted to do some serious Bible study but don’t have the time to go the Bible School?
  • Is God calling you to restore and disciple others but you don’t know where to begin?
  • Would you like to study the Bible in a group with others in your own time and environment?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then these teaching resources by Ken Legg on USB sticks are just for you! Valued at over $300 each, but yours for just $69 each, including postage worldwide.

Ken is a renowned Bible teacher, having spoken on TV, radio, and at conferences around the world. His material is currently used in over 150 Schools of Ministry, an online Bible School, discipleship programs and study groups in countries worldwide. Thousands are currently being taught, discipled and equipped through this ministry. Many have commented that Ken has an ability to make difficult parts of the Bible easy to understand.

Each USB stick has:

  • 40 video teachings – on average 40 minutes each
  • A workbook with full notes for each session
  • Plus 7 of Ken’s most popular books on PDF – This is the Life, New Covenant New Glory, What’s Eating You?, Grace Roots, Grace: The Power to Reign, Tetelestai: It is Finished plus The Christian Counsellor’s Companion. (These seven PDF books alone are valued at $63)


There are 5 USB sticks each with 40 video teachings plus full notes.

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