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This book is based on a transcription of the popular DVD series of the same name, which has now been dubbed or translated into 10 languages.

The most important part of a building is the part you cannot see “ the foundations. Although foundations are invisible to the naked eye, their strength is revealed in a time of storm.
It’s like that in the Christian life. We may have to weather storms from time to time, but if we build on rock solid foundations our house will stand.

That’s what Jesus promised. And that’s why He appointed apostles in the church. Their main function was to lay firm foundations upon which Christians and local churches could be established. These foundations are called the apostle’s doctrine.
Paul referred to this body of truth as a pattern of sound words. These sound words reflect the major truths of the Christian faith. They include: righteousness, our identity in Christ, grace, faith, new creation, sons of God, new covenant, the new man, the love of God. eternal life, etc.

Did these words form the basis of your Christian life? Were you taught these things in depth and detail until you became established in the new covenant way of thinking?

Most of us would say ‘No!’ In the vacuum of the absence of the apostle’s doctrine we became a product of the religious environment we found ourselves in. We were raised on man-made teachings such as commitment, paying the price, pressing in, breaking through, four steps to…, vision, revival, deliverance, impartation, breaking curses, recommitment…etc.

There are two things noteworthy about these words: 1) They are not taught anywhere in the New Testament epistles; 2) They bring the focus on us and what we need to do.

In contrast, the pattern of the sound words of the apostles help us to keep our eyes on Jesus and the finished work of the cross.
Firm Foundations will enable you to establish your heart in the grace of God.

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