Grace Roots (English | French | Swahili | German | Portuguese)

Grace Roots (downloadable) takes on a 40-day journey and gives you a legalism-detox and soak you in the grace of God.

Are you exhausted trying to live the Christian life, and wonder about that easy yoke and light burden Jesus spoke of?

This book is perfect for you!

This is a downloadable eBook. Available in English | French | German | Portuguese | Swahili



Product Description



In “Grace Roots”, you will learn:

  • What God is really like and how to destroy false religious images of Him
  • Who is defining you right now: your critic or Christ
  • Why you wouldn’t want to be anyone other than you!
  • How to rise above criticism
  • How to escape from legalism
  • What it means to experience present-tense grace
  • Some of the myths about grace, and how to refute them
  • How to enjoy the blessings of the righteous
  • Why it’s important to be an ‘internalist’
  • How to start thinking organically and not pragmatically
  • What faith is and what it is not
  • Why God uses ordinary people “ just like you!
  • How to have an effective ministry
  • What is the goal of all true ministry
  • How secure you are in Christ “ both for time and eternity

And much more…

This is a downloadable product.

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