This Is The Life (eBook – 6 Languages)

Ken’s most popular book has one goal: to establish your heart in grace.

Ken explains how grace brings us into the realm of divine ability, and how, if we fail to make the grace connection, we end up turning Christianity into just another religion, i.e. another works trip.

Grace is what makes Christianity unique, and “This Is The Life” takes you through to unlock everything grace can offer.

This is a downloadable eBook available in  English | French | Indonesian |Russian | Spanish | Swahili language.



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Over ten chapters, This Is The Life explores how to establish grace in your heart.

#1 Deficient or Sufficient?

We may not know all that life will throw at us but we do know that we have been made sufficient for all things.

#2 Condition or Position?

It is not what we do that determines who we are, but who we are that determines what we will do. The more a believer understands his new creation identity the more his behaviour will line up with it.

#3 Change or Exchange?

Religion says you must change in order to be accepted. This leads to guilt, condemnation and defeat. God says the way to acceptance is to exchange your sin for Christ’s righteousness. Believing we are righteous is essential if we are to be empowered by grace. Grace reigns through righteousness!

#4 Follow or Abide?

Those who follow Jesus have only His example, but those who abide in Him have His life. Which are you living by?

#5 Law or Grace?

Law is what we try to do for God. Grace is what He has done for us in Christ. Are God’s blessings to us based upon law or grace? How much of the Christian life is an attempt to do deals with God?

#6 Positive Thinking or Correct Thinking?

How do we win the battle for the mind? Is it by a positive outlook or by believing the truth? Is it positive thinking that sets us free, or the truth?

#7 Self-esteem or Self-denial?

God’s way to self-worth is not self-esteem but Christ-esteem.

#8 Flesh or Spirit?

Every Christian is capable of manifesting two different lives “ the works of the flesh or the fruit of the Spirit. How do we walk in the Spirit?

#9 Same or Different?

Is every Christian identical, or are we each different? In this chapter we explore the uniqueness of our new creation identity and how we each have a special, distinct place in the body of Christ.

#10 Produce or Reproduce?

Is the ultimate aim of discipleship to grow or to multiply? The purpose of this chapter is to teach believers how to make disciples.

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